PureVPN Review [Best VPN] to Stream Movies

PureVPN Review

PureVPN is one of the best VPN services to maintain online privacy and stay put in an anonymous mode in your own lane. No trace, no log, and not leak.

They are many apps to watch movies for free on Android, iOS, Windows, and PC. But, they are a limited VPN you can refer to as the best VPN to secure all your activities online.

These VPNs are used to hide your IP address and play smart so that your password, search history, location, and other information can be used to track you for using a free movies app will not be visible. 

However, choosing the best VPN is a huge work if your budget is very low and you want to watch movies for free on your Android and iOS. Some of the VPNs for iPhone and VPNs for Android are very expensive.

The cheap ones which support torrenting in 2018 are limited. However, if you searching for the best VPN to watch movies on your iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac computer in 2018 you should consider the PureVPN.

No free VPN ever worth it when it comes to watching free movies online with a VPN. With these free VPNs, you can’t trust your log. And you can’t vow for your own search history. Therefore, if you really want to stay away from the trouble of been tracked down for streaming paid, always use a paid VPN.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual private network is a service that protects your online activities and makes it totally private. What a VPN does is to help you hide what you do online.

With a VPN like Pure VPN, you are the only one that can see what you do from your end. Other services or software use in tracking online activities will be blocked from accessing your computer IP address when you are accessing a website that you are not suppose to access.

The way VPN work is that it helps to protect your IP address from others without your permission. See your IP address as your house address where you can be traced to. However, when you cover the house address or use a different house address it’ll be very difficult to trace you and that is EXACTLY how a VPN works.

Your computer IP is your computer house address and with it, you can be traced and tracked down for accessing unauthorized contents such as using a free movies app which is illegal to use.

Therefore, the best way to stay put and hide your identity completely online is via the use of the best VPN that leaves no trace of your activities.

PureVPN Review as a Best VPN

When it comes to choosing a VPN as the best, they are a lot of features to consider. It’s not only about the service price. But, rather, about the quality of the service and how satisfactory users are with the service.

In this regard, apart from Pure VPN low price, here in the PureVPN review you should take a step to add it as one of the best VPN you can use to streaming movies on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows, and PC.

PureVPN Review

PureVPN has a good reputation as well as flaws when it comes to choosing the best VPN according to PureVPN review by most users. These reviews are based on individual differences. However, the flaws DOESN’T  extend to the aspect of securing your online privacy.

Some users claimed it exposes users log. However, I haven’t experienced such since I joined PureVPN users and it has since become one of the best VPN service to stay ahead of online tracking and privacy tracking.

Apart from being a popular VPN with a hundred of thousands of subscribers for watching movies for free online, Kodi users are also not left out enjoy the good online privacy service. If you own a Kodi media player where you can easily install your own Kodi add-ons such as Exodus Kodi and the likes, PureVPN is the first choice.

PureVPN Pros

When thinking of which VPN is best, always think about the Pros and Cons as this will help you choose the right one. However, for PureVPN, here are some of the Pros you can’t do without.

If you plan on streaming movies with Free Movies App we recommend using a VPN. Using a VPN will anonymize your online activities and protect you from ISPs, and also allow you to access geo-blocked and contents.
We have used various VPN service providers. However, We personally recommed ExpressVPN Ivacy, and PureVPN.
You can sign up Express VPN or Ivacy VPN or PureVPN.
They are all trusted VPN. You can read detail PureVPN Review

  • Extremely cheap. Pure VPN plans are cheap compared to most other VPNs with a high service charge
  • 24 Hours a day customer support. This means issues with Pure VPN account are resolved instantly via a live chat.
  • Data and ISP control feature. With this feature you are given a privilege to control how your data are been shared. You simply have the right to choose which data to be send through the VPN and data to send through ISP.
  • P2P service enabled. This is one of the greatest feature of the PureVPN and thus, makes it one of the best VPNs out there.
  • For a superfasting and unstoppable streaming speed, you can get a dedicated server on PureVPN which is optimized for a fast streaming.
  • 31 days money back guarantee. This is supper great. This means that you can request for your money back if you are not pleased with PureVPN service
  • 5 logins per account. This implies that you can use a single Pure VPN account on 5 different devices. This is best for a family where all can have the same access to the VPN service at the same time without interferring with each other.

PureVPN Cons

When you talk about cons, you talk about what stands as negatives aspect of the service. However, for the Pure VPN, here are some of the cons we observed over the time spent with the service [Still using it at this time].

A lot of VPN review websites have different views when it comes to passing a decision regarding which type of a VPN is best with little or no cons at all. However, for Pure VPN, below are the cons.

  • CoinPayment non-refundable. This is really pathetic. If you means of payment is CoinPayment, you won’t be able to get a refund if you choose to cancel your service.
  • No free trial. PureVPN is unlike most VPN services with a free trial. The VPN doesn’t have a free trial but they do have a money back guarantee

Pure VPN Chrome Extension Download

Pure VPN is one of the few VPNs with a Chrome plugin to use VPN on on a certain browser without interfering with other.

This implies that you don’t have to launch the official PureVPN software on your PC or Mac to use the software. However, since the VPN service does not have a free trial, you can only use the Chrome plugin with a subscrption.

This implies that to download and use the PureVPN Chrome plugin you must subscribe first.

Download PureVPN Chrome

Pure VPN Price

When it comes to a VPN with a low price, Pure VPN is one of such. It’s one of a low budget VPN you can buy for a considerable low price. The price is as low as  $2.9/Mon when compared with other VPN services whose price is on the high side.

Pure VPN Price

The VPN service plan is divided into 3 with a flexible payment option. You don’t need a PayPal at all cost. All you need is a credit card.

Check out Pure VPN Price Tag

Pure VPN Payment Option

PureVPN offers no complex payment methods. The payment methods are considered very easy with many options to choose from. There is no need for a PayPal or Bitcoin as the only means of payment. Although, these options are also available but no the only option to buy Pure VPN.

PureVPN Review

Some of the options available to pay for Pure VPN include the use of a credit card, PayPal, AliPay, CoinPayment, PaymentWall, BlueSnapt etc.

Sign Up for Pure VPN Today

PureVPN Summary and Conclusion

The number of VPN services is increasing everyday and all of them are claiming to be the best VPN out there. However, when it comes to the choice of VPN to trust with your online privacy, Pure VPN is one of them. It’s one of the best VPN service which delivers as promised.

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