Showbox APK strictly for Android to turn your Smartphone to a cinema house to watch HD movies. Showbox TV App considers how to download Showbox APK in this post and dedicate the page to all our Android fans.

Showbox APK is the best app to download movies on Android with the highest number of users coming from Android, iOS, and Windows. And since you can install Showbox APK on PC,  Windows, and Mac, everybody is now streaming media everywhere.

iOS users are not left out in this. Here is a guide to download Showbox for iPhone using an iOS emulator.

Showbox APK supports all Android versions starting from the first Android OS to the new release which Android Pie. As at the time of writing this article on how to download Showbox APK, the Showbox is running on my Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat.

A friend is using Showbox on Android Lollipop. I have also confirmed it that Showbox works perfectly on Android Pie from a distant friend.

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Download Showbox APK

Why You Should Download Showbox APK

If it has ever occurred to you that you want to stream movies on your phone online which include Hollywood and Bollywood, then, you are probably thinking about apps to watch movies for free without a subscription or a signup fee. Then, the Showbox movies app is the best you can consider right now.

They are a lot of them though. You can talk about Showbox, Terrarium, Showbox Office, MovieBox, Bobby Box, Coto Movies Box [Bobby Box], to mention a few. However, all these online movies download apps work the same way. But, a lot of people use Showbox APK.

Here are some of the reasons to download Showbox APK.

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  • You can use Showbox on TV to replace Netflix, Hulu etceteras subscriptions
  • You don’t need to pay for using Showbox as it’s 100% free
  • You only need a mobile phone with an internet access to download Showbox APK
  • Next Showbox update can be done using the app inbuilt update notification
  • You can choose your choice of media player
  • No email signup
  • You don’t have to register
  • Showbox is free from virus
  • Online poll shows that Showbox is the best movies app to watch Hollywood and Bollywood on Android
  • You can also extend the use of Showbox app to iOS
  • etc.

Update: Showbox is down and it’s possible to be a permanent shut down. However, if you want to start streaming movies again, click on the link below to download Coto Movies, it’s blazing and ads free.

Download “Cot Movies APK” Showbox Replacement

Video to Download Showbox APK on Android

Here is a ccompleteuser guide to download the Showbox App and install it on your Android phone. The video covers everything start from enabling install from unknown sources and to the level to install the app without an error message.

Enable Install from Unknown Sources

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To install an APK app on an Android device it’s mandatory to enable install from unknown sources and the reason isn’t far-fetched. APK apps are not Google verified and as such, they stand the chance to contain suspicious scripts such as a virus or Trojan.

However, to now install an APK app it’s compulsory to enable install from unknown sources under your Android security.

  • G to your phone settings by swiping down the notification tray and click on the settings gear icon or go to the settings page from your app menu.
  • Scroll down and click on the security options
  • Click on install from unknown sources
  • Accept the pop-up
  • Done

Now, proceed below to download Showbox APK app and install it on your Android device. iOS users should check Showbox iOS page.

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Download Showbox APK Using Uptodown

Here is how to download Showbox APK on any Android device without a root access

  • Download and install Uptodown APK app on your Android
  • Type “Showbox” into the search box without quotes
  • Click on the search box
  • Click on Showbox download icon
  • Tap on install to the bottom right
  • Wait for the installation process to complete
  • Delete Showbox.APK file
  • Done

Now, go to your app menu to launch Showbox if you didn’t open the movies download app directly after installation. This means you clicked done instead of open.

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded and install Showbox APK on your Android smartphone to start to stream movies free of charge.


  1. I downloaded the app when I open it says downloading data please wait the it stops and says connection failure please check internet connection but I. Have full 4G network. What’s going on

  2. Hi
    I had to reinstall the showbox app as it stopped working on my Samsung tablet s2.. Now it says internet connection error even though my tablet is connected to the internet via my wifi
    Help as I truly enjoy this app

  3. What the hell?? I can’t get showbox to open it says connection error and there is no problem with my connection.. If they r permanently taking it down just say so and quit giving us false hopes.

  4. I previously had Showbox but uninstalled it due to it not loading and now it won’t let me reinstall it from the internet like I usually do

  5. What happened to show box plz fix it this is the best app ever it keeps saying connection error even though I have connection wats going on

  6. Plz fix showbox is the best app there were no problem always runining great anything u watch it were great I hope tht ur get this problem fix asap I love this app plz!!!!!

  7. Showbox is the only thing i watch i work all the time so i dont get a chance to watch tv or go to the movies so i use show box to watch all my favorite tv shows n movies i wanna see PLEASE put it back

  8. Iv had shoebox for a very long time and I have never had any problems with it, till now it doesn’t show what movies are on or the new release

  9. Will Showbox ever come back I really really love that’s apps Soo much because I could catch up on my TV show and my movies

  10. What is wrong with showbox is it shut down for some reason I kept getting check my internet connection and there’s nothing wrong with my internet

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