Showbox is a media streaming app for Android, iOS, Xbox, PS4, Smart TV, Apple TV, Kodi, and a lot more. The official Showbox app provides unrestricted access to premium movies online.

Showbox  APK is ranked the best free movies app for Android and IPA for iOS devices to watch and download movies online for free. There is no limitation to Showbox movies.


Firstly, you should know that Showbox is no longer secure as it used to be and when you make use of the free movies app you may run into a problem if your IP address can be traced.

What is Showbox?

This is what you should know first about Showbox APK for Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux, and Windows phone so that you will know what to expect when you download Showbox app.

The trending v5.25 and v5.26 contain some bugs which have been fixed but left users with the option to use the app at their own risk.

Secondly, you need to know that you can install Showbox APK on PC, Kodi,  and stream movies non-stop.

You can install it on your Android phone, download Showbox APK version, you can sideload Showbox on iOS using iOS emulators, you can also download and install Showbox APK 2018 on PC using Windows or Mac OS.

If you have a computer using Linux operating system, you can also download and install Showbox on it.

Before we take a look at the overview of what you will enjoy when you download Showbox either for your smartphone or for your computer, you need to know the features of the Showbox app.

Showbox APK FOR TV App

Do not forget that you can also use Showbox on Chromecast, on Kodi Media player, on Roku Media player to extend how you use Showbox to other media players other than a mere smartphone with the help of a VPN to lock your online IP.

Features of Showbox APK

Everybody is rushing to download the Showbox APK 2018. What is so special about the app? Is it that Showbox app is the best TV app for Android and iOS. Or is it that Showbox shows all movies and to stream live all block contents?

Well, the TV has those mentioned as part of its features though, however, here are some of the features of the TV app that make it one of the best TV apps for Android and iOS users.

  • It is the best app to find all fresh and old contents around the whole world including sports, movies, politics, TV shows, and many more
  • Showbox is totally free. No need to pay for a subscription the way you pay for cables to enjoy free to air in your home. However, when you have Showbox app installed on any of your device you do not need to pay for additional cable service to enjoy live sport, live news, and many others
  • Unlike of TV apps, with Showbox TV App you can search for any contents, download it, and share with your colleagues who don’t have the privilege to see the same movie or program.
  • Showbox App is more or less a database for all popular movies and TV shows to stream and watches on Android, iOS, and computer systems.
  • You are not restricted to a single screen resolution when you are streaming movies online or when you are downloading. With a single click, you can change movies resolution within seconds.

  • You also have access to premium service with Showbox APK app on your smartphone. The premium service includes paid sports channels, Hollywood and Nollywood premium movies, live programs, and many more.

Showbox APK Download

If you own an Android phone you have the chance to download Showbox for free and install it on your Android device without a restriction.

Although to install Showbox APK on Android phone, you first need to enable install from unknown source on your Android phone if you are downloading and installing the Showbox APK app.

Showbox APK app cannot be downloaded from the Google play store or from the Apple apps store. However, to download and install Showbox APK you can either download from Showbox website [official] or download from an APK website you really trust.

Now, go to phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> enabled.

Once you have enabled install from an unknown source above you can then download the Showbox APK app from this source and install it on your Android device.

Install the Showbox APK

Now, once you have downloaded the APK from the link provided above, here is how to install the app on your Android phone.

  • Go to the phone file manager (You can access this from your app menu)
  • Go to download folder and search for Showbox
  • Once you have seen it, double-click on the Showbox.apk file


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  • Tap on install to the bottom right of your Android screen
  • Follow the on-screen to complete the APK file installation

Download Showbox iOS

For iPhone and iPad users, following the highlighted procedures below you will be able to download and install Showbox iOS device without jailbreak access. Meanwhile, you must have the Safari browser installed on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open your Safari browser and visit this URL:  itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=
  • Make you copy the URL to avoid error
  • Launch the iTunes dialogue box and accept the popup to start installing the Showbox iOS.
  • Once the installation process is complete add the Showbox app as a trusted app on your iOS to avoid error from launching.

This procedure works perfectly for installing Showbox on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch 6G. Next, let us quickly take a look at how to download Showbox App for PC.

Download Showbox for PC [Windows]

For Windows computer users, you can take the use of Showbox app to your PC running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 to start to stream and watch popular movies on your computer.

There is no special requirement to use Showbox TV App on a Windows computer. With a minimum of a 500MB worth of RAM computer, you can follow the procedures below to download and install Showbox TV App for Windows.

  • Download and install Bluestacks emulator for your PC ( This procedure works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10)
  • Launch the PC emulator and tap on “add APK”. You need to download Showbox APK from above
  • Install the APK app on your Windows
  • Once the installation is completed you can start to use Showbox on your PC like you always do on a smartphone.

Download Showbox v5.25 for Mac

With GenyMotion you can download and install Showbox on your Mac computer.  The procedure to install Showbox on Mac is similar to how to install Showbox for Windows using an emulator.

However, with Mac emulator, you can download Showbox for Mac and start streaming movies live on your Mac device.

Following these procedures, you will be able to start using the latest Showbox on Mac and start streaming movies on your Showbox.

  • Download and install GenyMotion emulator on your Mac computer
  • Launch the GenyMotion software tap on add and select your mobile device from the popup
  • Download Showbox APK and paste the Showbox.APK file on your computer desktop
  • Drag and drop the APK file on your desktop into the GenyMotion you opened in step “2” above
  • The APK app will be installed on your Mac computer using the GenyMotion APK and you can start streaming and downloading movies online to your Mac computer.

For other methods to download Showbox for Mac computer, check how this guide on how to download and install Showbox on Mac OS

Showbox FAQ

Answers to Showbox frequently asked questions about the free movies app.

Q. Is Showbox Illegal?

A. Yes! Because it doesn’t have a license to share copyright contents it shares. With the Showbox APK and Showbox iOS, you can watch and download movies of your choice online.

That is the goal. But these movies are paid movies that users are supposed to pay for. However, the app doesn’t have the right which might attract some penalty in the nearest future.

Q. How do I Get Showbox on a Smart TV?

A. There is no add-on to watch Showbox movies on Smart TVs. However, you can mirror your Smartphone with Showbox APK or Showbox iOS screen to your Smart TV.

For Samsung users, using Samsung Smart View makes it easier to mirror a Samsung screen to a PC or a TV. You can as well use the mirror option on your Samsung or other Android devices.

Q. Can You Watch Showbox Offline?

A. Yes! Since you can download Showbox and play it on your phone using an external media player with an internet connection or without stream live on the movies app, you are allowed to watch Showbox offline.

Q. How do I Download Showbox?

A. You have to download Showbox for your device. For Android, download Showbox APK, for iPhone, download iOS version using an emulator like iOSEmus, for PC and Mac use PC emulators like BlueStacks or GenyMotion, and for Smart TV, mirror your phone screen to your TV to magnify the phone screen for a larger view.

Q. Showbox No Internet Connection Error?

A. Showbox streaming service seems to be down for now. Or perhaps, Showbox is shut down permanently for been sued for sharing illegal contents. And as a result, the free movies streaming app might have been shut down permanently by the developer.

Q. Is Showbox TV streaming app Shut Down?

It looks like that. Showbox is currently not connecting to the internet showing no internet connection even when your internet speed is at the top of its strength. The free movies app might have been shut down taking action based on the court verdict.

Q. Would the Showbox app come back?

A. Showbox APK is back online. It has started working fine again. The Showbox not working error has been fixed and users can now download Showbox without bugs.

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